Welcome to Economics Department

The Department of Economics established in 1944 completed more than seven decades of education
in the discipline of Economics. The department became P G department in 1959 and was elevated to
the status of a Research Centre in Economics in 1994. The department has produced 34 Ph.Ds till
date. The Department also offers add on courses of contemporary relevance. India Today the
National Journal rated the department among one of the top 25departments at the national level for
the last so many years.

The Department of Economics offers B A, M A, M Phil and Ph. D programs in economics. The
Department has made sincere interventions in the social life in the surrounding areas through Socio
Economic Survey and its extension program ‘Janaparvam’. The faculty members of the department
are actively engaged in research activities in different areas of Economics. Our library is well
equipped with more than 10000 books in various branches of economics such as Micro economics,
Macro Economics, Public Finance, Development Economics, Mathematical Economics, Statistical
Methods, Econometrics, Economics of Health and Education, Money and Banking, International
Economics, Indian Economy and Financial Markets.


Abu Dhabi


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